Shop with Scrip Fundraiser

Shop With Scrip is an easy fundraiser that only requires you to pay for the things you buy normally. Purchase gift cards through our program and you will receive them in about a week. Spend the gift cards just like cash and the church automatically earns a percentage of the gift card value!

To learn more please visit

Examples of Scrip participating businesses and their percentages

  • Cheesecake Factory (5%)
  • Chipotle (10%)
  • Chuck E. Cheese (8%)
  • CVS Pharmacy (6%)
  • Dunkin Donuts (3%)
  • Gap (14%)
  • Hallmark (4%)
  • Jo Ann Fabric (6%)
  • Kohl’s (4%)
  • Panera (9%)
  • Shell Gas (2%)
  • Stop and Shop (4%)
  • Subway (6%)
  • Target (2.5%)
  • Texas Roadhouse (8%)
  • TJ Maxx and HomeGoods (7%)
  • Walmart/Sam’s Club (2.5%)
  • Whole Foods (3%)

E-cards and Online re-fills

Many retailers offer online gift cards that you can redeem right away when we place the order. For example, Barnes and Noble and Williams Sonoma offer physical cards (great for gifts) as well as ScripNow e-cards, which is great if you shop using their online store.

Other stores, including Domino’s Pizza and Whole Foods, offer a Reload option which is great if you shop there regularly and want to be able to use the same card and add money to it.

Placing orders

To place an order, see Erin or Pauline for an order form. They will walk you through the process, and make it happen!

If you are interested in placing your own orders online, talk to Erin or Pauline and they can give you Pilgrim Church’s code. Using this code, you can register yourself and place your own orders. Once we have received your payment, we will OK the order and you’ll have your cards in about one week!

For more information…

Please see Erin or Pauline. They will be more than happy to answer your questions.

Thank you!