Outreach Ministries and Friends

This page links to groups or organizations that have some kind of connection with the church, but are not formally part of our organization.

Outreach Ministries


The scouts of Pack 19 and Troop 19 have been sponsored by Pilgrim Church for many years, and hold meetings and activities at the church almost every week.

Guiding Eyes for the Blind

Volunteers for Guiding Eyes for the Blind raise and train puppies to become guide dogs for the visually impaired. The local volunteer chapter of Guiding Eyes meets regularly at Pilgrim Church for training, socialization, and evaluation of puppies. Puppies-in-training are a regular (and very cute) sight around the church. Alice and Bill LeBlanc are church members who have been active in Guiding Eyes for many years.

Friends of the Church

These are groups that have no formal connection with Pilgrim Church ministries, but they’re just really nice people!

Nashua Choral Society

The Choral Society periodically rehearses (and occasionally performs) at Pilgrim.