Status of In-Person Worship

As of June 13, the Ministry Oversight team has determined that it will NOT be necessary for those who have been FULLY vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus to wear a mask when attending our in-person Sunday morning worship services at Pilgrim Church.  Those not yet fully vaccinated will be required to wear a mask for the safety of themselves and others.  In addition, our practice of safe distancing in the sanctuary and the hallway is being allowed to expire.  We hope this will be good news to those of our congregation who wish to be in person with Pastor Judie and other friends for a more enjoyable experience.

It is wonderful to see the church community gather in person again! At the same time, we want to be sure that everyone is able to participate over Zoom while others worship in-person, as we know there are those who prefer not to gather due to the virus, because they are far away, or simply because they enjoy a virtual service. The Zoom service is being “simulcast” during the live worship. See our “Worship With Us” page for details.

We are also revising our protocols for how we safely worship in person, and those will be updated and posted shortly. We do anticipate that our revised protocols will still require face coverings/masks for any unvaccinated individuals; hand sanitizing; and requiring anyone with new cold-like symptoms to stay home.

This post will be updated as necessary to reflect our latest practices in dealing with ongoing health issues.

Please contact Kathy in the church office for any questions.