In-Person Worship on May 2

Our Ministry Oversight Team has voted to re-open our building for in- person, in-building worship on Sunday, May 2, if the technology is in place by then so that we are able to hold a simultaneous Zoom session. This date is consistent with current guidance from the NH Conference of the UCC (NHCUCC) recommending that congregations stay remote through the end of April. (This date also presumes that there is no significant spike in COVID spread in Nashua between now and then, in which case MOT could postpone resumption of in-building worship.) 

We are so looking forward to seeing the church community gather in person again! At the same time, we want to be sure that everyone is able to participate over Zoom while others worship in-person, as we know there are those who prefer not to gather due to the virus, because they are far away, or simply because they enjoy a virtual service. 

We are also developing protocols for how we will safely worship in person, and those will be finalized between now and May 2. For outdoor worship, we anticipate protocols that are similar to what we used for the Christmas Eve service — requiring face coverings/masks; groups that arrive together staying six feet from other groups; hand sanitizing; and requiring anyone with new cold-like symptoms to stay home.

Please contact Kathy in the church office for any questions.