September Book Study

Led by Cindy Maris: Take this Bread, by Sara Miles (available on Amazon). Sara was an unchurched journalist who walked into a church at age 42, took communion, and decided to stay.  She comes to realize she wants to feed others, and starts a food pantry at the church.  It is a really interesting and engaging book, and should result in lively discussion.  I’m hoping it will encourage us to think about how we want to “live our faith.”  The book was recommended to us by Karen Landry.  Thank you!  

We will meet Wednesday mornings at 10:00.   Church parking lot, bring your own chair, 6 feet apart, masks please.  Bring your own snack if you like.  We will also set up a Zoom meeting if you prefer to participate that way.  In case of rain, we will meet by Zoom.  Cindy will email participants with the Zoom information. 

UPDATE: The meeting location has been revised to the lawn of the Maris house, so we won’t have to deal with overhead noise from airplanes in the Nashua airport traffic pattern. Contact Cindy (below) for directions.

Tentative schedule: 

  • Sept 2:  Prechurch to first Communion:  chapters  1-6, page 1 – 64 
  • Sept 9 (at 3pm):  Early church experience,  starting the pantry:  chapters 7- 12,  page 65- 130
  • Sept 16 (at 3pm):  Growing the pantry: chapters 13- 17, page  130-197
  • Sept 23 (at 10am):  Growing the pantries: Chapters  18- 25 ,  page 198-280 

Email Cindy Maris if you have any questions.