Sunday Worship Online

Our Sunday worship service begins at 10:00 a.m., and typically lasts for about an hour. Our interim pastor is Rev. Judith Bryant (“Pastor Judie”).

At this time, we are running our worship services as online meetings in the Zoom application. Until we are confident that the risks of COVID-19 transmission can be managed, we will continue to worship online rather than in-person.

Unlike other forms of virtual church services that may be available online, our Zoom session is interactive for us as most are able to see and hear each other without wearing face coverings from the safety of our own homes or wherever else we may be. While following along in the service bulletin that’s been sent out to us we are able to join in speaking the Call To Worship, the Prayer of Confession, and the Assurance of Pardon led by a different liturgist each Sunday. For congregational responses (such as singing and unison prayers), we have our microphones muted to avoid confusion due to the inevitable different connection delays. And several of our members have said that they enjoy being able to sing as loud as they like, with no fear of anyone hearing them. 😊

There is opportunity to share an unlisted celebration or concern at prayer time. After the close of the service there is time to hang on for a while for the sharing of information or to see someone’s visiting infant or a friendly cat or dog of the household.

Our weekly Zoom sessions currently use the following login information:

Here is our worship bulletin for this week.

For more information, contact Kathy in our virtual church office (